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Past events

tyler toasting.jpg

Playing for a  Sold out house at Knight Moves Café, and the first ever "See the show, play the game!" style event; Guests were invited join in playing Ultimate Werewolf after the performance and get to know the creative team behind the show!  

October 2018

Brookline MA

A Game of Werewolf Knight Moves Café 


POP's CT debut was made Possible by a Partnership with Constitution Records. The began with a unique recital featuring music by Schubert, Tosti, Liza Lehmann, Sam Cowell, our own Marnen Laibow-Koser, and the ONLY performance of E.C. Phelps's 'Sweet O' the Year,' on record. 

October 2018 

Hartford CT

A Game of Werewolf

Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

norton high school.jpg

Following our a successful world premier at the Rockwell, the cast of A Game of Werewolf was invited to Norton High School for an Outreach performance for the entire student body followed by a workshop with music students,  tackling questions regarding stage fright, college admission, and classical singing. 

November 2018

Norton MA

A Game of Werewolf

Norton High School


WTO Logo (1).png

The Parlour Opera Players partnered with Somerville's WholeTone Opera to bring TWO Werewolf Operas to the Davis Square's Rockwell Theater. for 8 nights, including Halloween, both Companies played for lively audiences. This marked the World premier of A Game of Werewolf. 

October 2017

Somerville MA

A Game of Werewolf

opening for le Loup-garou.

Passed Out.JPG

The first Boston event for POP, Midday music catered to young professionals on their lunch break: 15 minutes of fast-paced comic opera followed by a coffee hour sponsored by High Brew Coffee. The free to attend Boston premier of A Simple Sort of Affair, attracted 200+ live streamers and created a big splash for the budding ensemble. 

May 2017

Boston MA

Midday Music @

CIC Boston

ayres parlour.jpg

Before the Official dubbing of the "Parlour Opera Players" A Group of Virginia-based singers, including the founder of POP, put on A Simple Sort of Affair in the Ayres Family Parlour. The performance was standing room only as 60+ friends and neighbors crowded into the home to eat, drink, and enjoy opera. Many a good time time was had and the Press took notice. Read about it here!

August 2016

Hampton Virginia

Parlour Opera Players: Prequel?

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