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With an ever-growing catalogue of works new and old, we have an opera to fit any occasion and any budget! Check our calendar for up-coming performances or explore booking your own Parlour Opera Party!


What is a Parlour Opera?.

An opera of a small enough scale to allow performance in a salon, drawing room, or parlour. They may include dialogue, duets, and larger ensemble pieces. As there are only so many historical pieces classified as a "Parlour Opera" by the composer, we have created a specific criteria a work must meet before being included in our catalogue.

Where do you find Parlour Operas?


We search dozens of digital collections & libraries and look for operas off the beaten that fit our vision as far as scope and accessibility go. Many of the selected works in our catalogue were not published as operas at all but still meet the criteria. Works titled as Musical sketches or duologues for instance are essentially little operas for two characters. Many of these such works were designed exclusively, or inclusively for drawing rooms, parlours, or small concert halls. Though not explicitly titled as 'Parlour Operas' they fit neatly into our repertoire. Other selections in our catalogue are written in house or as partnerships with composers who share the vision.

How do I host the Parlour Opera Players?


We have several different models available for potential hosts to consider. 

Community hosting: The host gathers signatures of friends who are also interested in Operatic house parties who commit to an agreed upon amount of money per person (usually around 10$). Once enough signatures are gathered to cover base expenses, the Parlour Opera Players will perform on the agreed upon date. 

Patron hosting: The host pays for the base expenses of the Parlour Opera Players which will vary depending on selected repertoire and the event happens. The host will be inducted into the POP hall of fame and given free entry to any future events and potentially available for eligible merchandise.


In all of our models, the host joins us for the company bow at the conclusion of the performance and is encouraged to give a toast (and be toasted). 

None of those hosting models work for me. is there any other way I can get involved? 


Contact us! Tell us about yourself and why you love Opera! There are an infinite number of ways to contribute and we'll find the one that works the best for you!  

What if i don't like opera very much? 


You are our target audience. Come to our next performance risk free. If you still detest the pinnacle musical story-telling , we will refund your ticket price in cash and on the spot. 

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