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Left to right: Johan Hartman, Elizabeth Clutts, Michael Gonzalez, Timothy Ayres-Kerr. A Game of Werewolf CT 2018

Who are we?

The Parlour Opera Players are a Boston based company and ensemble devoted to presenting short operas in unconventional spaces. We are working to revive the tradition of the Parlour Opera and engage a whole new generation of theater-goers by bringing it directly to them! By working with corporate partners, local venues and Opera fans directly, we hope to make strides in breaking down the barriers that keep people away from opera by making it smaller, shorter, and more affordable.

Our Parlour Opera productions are light-weight, engaging, and designed with your space in mind. Peruse our catalogue, find a story that interests you, then watch it come to life in the comfort of your own home! Also look for us in your communities and online!




October 26th Full Moon Showing! &

Halloween @ Adventure Pub. 

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Come for the thrilling music, the  gripping story, and then join in on the action by playing Werewolf with the cast! Will you be a villager, fighting for life and limb, an all-knowing seer, a couragous hunter, or a blood-thirsty werewolf?


2. Frau Becker's Plea - Sara Delong, Timothy Ayres-Kerr, Johan Hartman, Elizabeth Clutts

Left to right: Sara Delong, Timothy Ayres-Kerr

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